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The ultimate tie and tease known as



Curious about BDSM but not ready to dive into the dungeon experience? You're in the right place to test the waters of kink.

Perhaps you've heard of this exciting form of sensual domination. Created by Jaeleen Bennis, this modality adds a bit of bondage and sensory deprivation to your session. I've been a certified Bondassage and Elysium practitioner since 2011 and consider myself an expert.

Light bondage combined with excellent body rub and erotic touch


After emerging from freshening up, you kneel before me and accept your collar. Your wrists are bound with soft cuffs, your eyes covered with a padded blindfold as you are lightly secured. You sink deeply into your body as a selection of specially selected sounds play through headphones as you surrender to the sensations and forget the outside world. I'll take you to a place of happiness, a place where you can indulge in your senses and embrace the submission. Light or firm percussion and luxurious, soft flogging as you are brought to the peak and back.


Elysium is the softer version of Bondassage. Experienced without the collar or cuffs, but still bound, you'll feel a variety of soft textures, touch and surprises to tantalize and relax you. As a sensual Domme, I will bring you to the edge and back, leaving  you begging for more.

450/90 MIN

600/2 hours

800/3 hours

For sessions longer than 2 hours, a 20% deposit is required.


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